Scratch is one of the most widely used coding tools in schools all over the world. At present, many beginners are using Scratch 2. Now Scratch 3. Many people may be feeling confused about the exact differences between Scratch 3. First, Scratch 3. It supports mobile devices and will be available on a wider variety of devices. Such as tablets and smartphones with IOS or Android 6. Secondly, Scratch 3. It has new characters, backdrops, and sounds. With new paint and sound editors, users can color the characters to their liking, as well as remix and manipulate music or sounds.

Moreover, version 3. Children can use more and varied types of expanded names. The added extension modules also make it possible for children to program physical devices and web services, for instance, Google Translate.

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So it can let it run smoothly on any modern web browsers, including Safari. For example, all existing programming blocks will still be there. One more point worth mentioning is that all existing projects and accounts, including documents created by Scratch 2. As a result, the new version of Scratch will be much easier and more interesting for kids to use and also can satisfy the various needs of different groups of users.

The mBlock5 is a platform for coding base on Scratch 3. In addition to the functions of Scratch 3. Therefore, it is a versatile and user-friendly educational tool for programming. Scratch 3. Related articles.User rating User Rating 9. Scratch is a program and tool that enables children from 8 to 16 years to create interactive storiesgamesanimationsand share the creations with an online community.

The program is specially designed to help kids learn to code and creatively present a concept. This is a free software that is a literacy tool used by parents and educators to teach kids to use interactive media. Scratch is specially designed for kids from ages 8 to 16— however, the simple and easy-to-use interface can be used by anyone.

For parents, this is a great outlet for children to learn creatively, while still having fun developing something from scratch. In these times, coding and computer languages are a great skill to have, and Scratch helps in making learning about computers fun, interactive, and creative.

For educators, Scratch is an excellent tool to teach concepts, encourage collaboration, and critical thinking.

An even more simplified version of this program, ScratchJr. A project by Lifelong Kindergarten Group MIT Media Labthis free software is a fantastic tool to help kids build programsappsanimationsinteractive gamesstories, tutorials, stories, music, and more. There are limitless possibilities for how kids can use this tool to create innovative novel ways to present their ideas. Scratch can be used on the web, as well as downloaded on the system. The tool creates an environment for users to create new projects.

There are also a number of background themes and customizable options, which let you create something dynamic with so much ease. Going to the Create tab, or downloading the Scratch software, makes it easy to create a number of projects—and there are tutorials that take you through the process and guide you to create the most amazing projects.

You can collaborate on a project with others in the community and share the completed work as well. Educators using the program can create projects for all subjects, share stories, exchange ideas, and interact through the program.

Scratch 3.0 Vs Scratch 2.0

The Scratch community and forum is a great way to learn more and interact with co-creators. From the number of projects available for viewing, one also gets more ideas to create more innovative things. Learning to code and creating interactive projects using Scratch is a skill that is most valued in education today. For children today, this is a reality with a lot of the videos and animation being used for education purposes.

The highly-intuitive and easy-to-use interface allows for quick adoption and in no time, you get the hang of how to use the program. There are plenty of tutorials and community inputs that guide you through the process, in case there is any confusion. Scratch can be used through the web or by downloading the software.Provides the tools to create and develop your own interactive stories, games and animations.

Share the content of your creations with other users in the online community. Assists your people to think creatively, reason systematically and work collaboratively. Scratch 2 Offline Editor 2. Scratch 2 Offline Editor is categorized as Education Tools. The current setup file available for download occupies Our antivirus analysis shows that this download is clean.

With Scratch, you can program your own interactive stories, games, and animations; and share your creations with others in the online community. It helps young people learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively; essential skills for life in the 21st century. I think scratch could make some changes, but this it's an excellent app.

Very nice, but introduction of more sprites and backgrounds would be helpful. Also, the scripts are a bit confusing for children. It is good for primary children because they can then learn design technology. It includes good information for all ages. I am 10 years old and found it a bit challenging at times. Windows Mac. Download now License: Freeware. From the developer: With Scratch, you can program your own interactive stories, games, and animations; and share your creations with others in the online community.

Download Scratch 2 Offline Editor.This is my fourth tutorial focusing Scratch and Physical Computing. Previously, I have published:.

And now, we will develop new projects and ideas integrating Scratch 2. There are few initiatives available on the web about Scratch 2 for Arduinos, being the most known the ones developed with a focus on kits supported by Scratch website like Lego WeDoPicoBoard or the alternative mBlocketc.

As a personal option, I have written this tutorial using " s2aio"an open, free and fantastic Arduino Hardware Extension for Scratch 2. Thanks, Alan Yorinks for that! So, what we will learn here in this tutorial is how to use Scratch 2. The above diagram shows all the sensors and actuators connected to our Arduino. But do not worry, we will go step by step on each component.

Here, you can see a video with a real and functional radar that you will learn how to project during this tutorial:. As we know, Scratch is a great tool to teach beginners how to code, but before starting playing with Arduinos and electronics, I really recommend that you familiarize yourself with the Scratch 2. Doing that first, will help you later to better understand how to use an Arduino on Physical Computing.

Scratch 2 to SWF Converter

If you have worked with S4A, based on Scratch version 1. To use s2aio, we will need a Scratch 2 offline Editorgo to the link and follow the instructions and install it on your desktop.

Also, download the Get Starting Guide for Scratch 2. If you do not have it, please go to Python site and follow the instructions for proper installation. When using s2aio, your Arduino will need be running FirmataPlusthat is a custom enhanced version of StandardFirmata that provides support for:.

Electronic Playground With Arduino and Scratch 2

Once opened, go to "More Blocks" section. You will realize that now there are several new "black blocks", which ones we will use to control the Arduino's pins. An executable file will be installed on the execution path for easy startup. So, open your terminal and type:. In my case a Mac user. I included a "batch file" with an icon in my desktop area, so I do not to open a Terminal any time that I want to execute s2aio.

Going to "More Blocks" menu, you will find the special blocks designed for Arduino. We will use 2 of them to create our Blink function. The first thing to do is to inform Arduino that a specific digital pin in our case will be 13 will be [Enable] and should work as [output].

Drag this block to code area. Just clicking on this block, will enable pin 13 as an output. Now drag 2 of the Digital Write blocks:. The above screenshot shows you the final program and how I started the s2aio, this time using the Terminal. What we will do from now on, will be creating one by one, specific Sprites for each one of the below electronic components:.

scratch 2

Each Sprite will be responsible for the initial setup of Arduino's pins and to monitor or to act accordingly with its designated task. Also, each one of those tasks will be associated with a variable, so we will not change the Sprite specific blocks anymore, independent of our program. For starting, we will go to Data menu orange and create a new variable: "led", that will work for all Sprites this is very important.

Also, we will create a new Sprite going to the editor that we will name it "LED". The 2 groups of blocks or "functions" are described below:. Let's create a new Sprite, that will be whom will really do all the action for us.By keith.

Scratch 3. Find out from this STEM expert as we dive in comparing the versions. This article will be continually updated as we learn more about the differences between Scratch 3. So check back often. Want to see the code that drew the colorful image?

Check out our article on Block Coding. You can click on the items in the outline below to be taken to that section immediately. Or you can just scroll down. You probably already know what is Scratch. MIT has done a complete redesign of Scratch 2.

People are very excited and have a lot of questions about Scratch 3. You can currently use Scratch 3. So if you made programs in Scratch 2. Also, Internet Explorer is no longer supported. Try Firefox instead. Some new code blocks were introduced in Scratch 3. This new string operator block allows you to see if the string contains a string.

This will be pretty useful!

Scratch 2 Offline Editor

They also added this cool interface which helps set the colors you want. This is a very cool tool. For example I think some of the new sprites are dinosaurs. So now kids can make scenes with multiple dinosaurs and program them. It is not easy to make art like this so for kids to have sprites to use is a big step and allows them to use their creativity. However I believe there are several new dinosaur sprites. We already highlighted that a bit above. Long story short some of the options have changed and you can also set the transparency of the color.

This is one of our articles about Block Coding. Centering sprites no longer seems to appear on Scratch 3. The pen commands are now an extension, so go to the bottom-left corner to add an extension, then click pen.

But… in the Scratch 3, the sprites had one costume. Your email address will not be published. Sign Up. MIT Scratch 3. Any Changed Blocks? Why Are the Blocks Bigger? When Was Scratch 3. Are There Any Downsides?Have you ever wanted to share your Scratch project outside the official website? Well, now you can. This tool converts Scratch 1. Anybody with a Flash Player can view them, and they can even be converted into applications for many operating systems. If you have a Flash Player enabled in your browser, you can use the online converter.

Otherwise, you will have to download a copy includes the source code. Regularly, Scratch 2. When you convert a project to a SWF, it's packaged along with a copy of that code. A custom main class is used to read the included Scratch project and settings file. It starts the built-in editor and applies the various settings.

This can include auto-starting the project, turning on Turbo Mode, and hiding certain UI elements. Scratch is open source and is distributed under the GPL v2 license.

As explained in detail herethis requires any derived work to use the same license and share its source code as well.

You can find the source code for the converter here and the code for Scratch here. You are free to use this code for whatever you want, but you must share your code too. Additionally, I was asked by the Scratch Team to include the following message:. An example of a Scratch project converted with this tool is my game Simplicity. Can you even tell it's not a native Flash game? Use the Converter If you have a Flash Player enabled in your browser, you can use the online converter.

How it Works Regularly, Scratch 2. License Scratch is open source and is distributed under the GPL v2 license. Screenshot Example An example of a Scratch project converted with this tool is my game Simplicity.Lead a team of elite agents into a post-pandemic Washington, DC, to restore order and prevent the collapse of the city. The Speed Booster is the perfect way to train and get faster. I wish we had this instead of moving the pitch fader when we first started out.

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Scratch Tutorial: How to Make a Shooter Game (Part 1)

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